Quality, care and precision from the first step to the last

Specialty coffees are made from carefully selected, hand-picked beans grown on a particular terroir. Such is their quality that, when roasted by expert hands, they reveal the characteristics of their individual countries of origin, rather than suppressing them.

Specialty coffees are subject to the strict grading process of the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). The association takes into account the length of time during transport from producer to roaster and from roaster to consumer, the roaster's professional qualifications, the quality of the technical equipment, as well as the barista's own skill level. Only 1% of the coffee in the world meets these criteria.


Our own specialty coffee blend is made from beans grown in three coffee-producing regions (Guatemala, Brazil and Ethiopia) and roasted for us by Hungarian roaster 42 Coffee.

As the backbone for our house blend, we use 50% Brazil Fazenda Pantano pulped natural, while the brews unique sweet and fruity character and flowery bouquet are provided by the addition of 30% top-quality Ethiopia Kayon Mountain natural coffee beans. The remaining 20% ratio of Guatemala El Mirador fully washed beans lend the blend a powerfully playful acidity and freshness .

These outstandingly high-quality arabica coffees from three different coffee-producing regions form a harmonic whole in our blend, and our La Marzocco coffee machines guarantee a rich and long-lasting aroma.