To us, baking is an art form: we do not regret time dedicated to quality and taste.

Our bakery is headed by baker and confectioner László Csák, who studied the art of baking in France, Germany and Austria. All breads, pastries and treats are prepared with traditional methods. We are proud that our products are made only from natural ingredients, without any use of artificial preservatives, colouring or flavourings, and by trained professionals working with patience and care.


1. No use of artificial ingredients, chemicals and preservatives.
All products are made exclusively from yeast, flour, salt and water.

2. We do not use baking powders.
All products are prepared by nature, our doughs are proofed for 18 or 20 hours to allow natural flavours to evolve in their own rhythm.

3. We refuse to use automation.
Our breads are made by hand and baked in traditional ovens.

4. All the ingredients we use are fresh and nutritious.
We only use fresh butter, dairy products, fruits and cane sugar.

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